Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Without it, we could not continue this important ministry.

New Hope Shelter is a completely privately funded 501c3 organization. All monetary donations go the general operating budget of New Hope. All donations are used for day-to-day operations, unless otherwise noted.

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Or if you prefer, checks can be made out to:

New Hope Shelter
PO Box 978
Newton, KS 67114


New Hope Shelter, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit ministry. We do not require our residents to pay for our services, nor do we receive any government funding. This leaves us free to speak our faith and encourage lifestyles that align with that faith. This also means that we are completely dependent on our supporters in this community. So far this dependence on the community and on God to supply our needs has been a welcome success. You, the community, have stepped up beautifully and because of you we have been open since 2005. For this we can only say thank you, and pray in faith that God will bless you, in this life and the one to come, for what you have done for the shelter and for the downtrodden in the family of God. For your sacrifice of finances, we are truly grateful. We are looking forward to the years to come, in which we believe we will see many more blessings, from you and to you, because this shelter exists.

Thank You.